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Feel better with zimmah muscle therapy

We are a massage and myotherapy clinic located in Notting Hill, Victoria.

Following a treatment at Zimmah Muscle Therapy, clients will see a reduction in pain as well as improvements in their range of motion, flexibility, and injury recovery times.

With a focus on active recovery, we help our clients to get back to doing what they love quickly. Our therapists have extensive experience treating sporting injuries including: ligament tears (sprains), muscle strains, rotator cuff impingements, acute muscle pain, sporting injuries (eg: tennis elbow, shin splints, plantar fasciitis) and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). For those competing, we also offer pre and post event massage.


Zimmah Muscle Therapy also looks after clients with chronic pain conditions. We have helped alleviate persistent lower back pain, headaches and neck tension. In addition we can help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, fibromyalgia, diabetes, chronic fatigue, nerve pain, arthritis and thoracic outlet syndrome.

If you are feeling stressed, tense or anxious, or just want to treat yourself, our relaxation, cupping, gua sha or spa treatment options are perfect for you.

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